Showing your Blogger Labels as Vertical Tabs

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newbiez said...

It looks very cool.
Cám ơn chia sẻ của anh nhiều.


Hoctro said...

Hi anh NB!!!

Thanks for your comments!

Khác quý từ dt đến! Anh đã làm một blog thử chưa? Hoctro thấy cái này hay hơn mấy cái web trước tới giờ làm nhiều lắm, vì không phải dùng PHP, mà chỉ cần manipulate dataset trong template thôi. Có gì thử rồi cho hoctro biết nhé!


Budi Wiharto said...

thks hoctro for ur hack, i follow ur intruction is best for lesson, now i copy ur post to my post and i show ur title from u Hoctro

diddy47 said...

hi, i'm diddy47

i have been a keen follower of your blog. thanx for this article
i have been working on a horizontal label display for neo but i have success only in firefox, the results are dismal in ie. can you please give pointers on how i can get it to work

*1729* said...

Really GUD!!! hack Hoctro
i was searching for this widget......
thanx for the post
keep going

i'm goin to try this on my blog:

Ju said...

can you help me please ?

It seems there is trouble with the size of the picture. Indeed, buttons don't appear entirely.
What solution ? Thank a lot ! And great job !