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未亡人 said...

cool,i will try it later.

未亡人 said...

hi,why do it show nothing on my page?
i just do follow the 3 steps,but change the
web : ""
can you help me ?

未亡人 said...

hi,i find it do not suppor for Chinese lables?
can you help me ?

Hoctro said...

It's been fixed, thanks to Ramani's code from his famous Neo template.

Deepak said...

Cool looking hack!

I have a question. How fast is Yahoo API? I have never used that, and am just curious.

sunhuot said...

Bai viet cua ban rat la hay. Minh cung co mot blog va minh thu lam thu. Ban co the cho minh email cua ban hay la nick cua ban co duoc ko?
Nick cua minh la sunhuot_khean.
Minh rat vui khi thay blog cua cau co huong dan thu thuat rat hay.
Xin cam on!

thinchhia said...

can i use more than one blog name for data retrieval? I want to use mine and others like yours.

tyro said...

Hi I have recently found your blog - it is really impressive detail on all the tips and tricks - Ques: I was messing around with the code and now cannot find comments section or the links to the post section in there - is it possible for you to look at the template pls? would really appreciate it..
my email: tyropearl at gmail

Ramani said...

Hi Hoctro,

How are you and your family? Long time since you came up with a widget. I think this one is going to be a hit too! coz it's quite cool.

Hoctro said...


I think it's fairly fast, at least on my blog. Also, the json callback from blogger is another factor too. But I really like the fact that Yahoo! library allows reuse of code written by JavaScript experts, so you don't have to worry about using it(the library).

@Sunhout: Tôi bận lằm vỉ có con nhỏ, không giúp gì bạn được. Mong bạn thông cảm và ráng làm theo các bải viết tiếng Việt nhé, thân ái.

@thincchia: I thought about that too, something like the "new" operator of Yahoo! library. Sta tuned.

@tyro: Sorry I cannot personally assist you. I think you need to apply a new template & start from scratch. Please look at blogger tutorials or my own ones for more info.

Hoctro said...

Hi Ramani!

Glad to hear from you! My family is fine, thank you. My boy is 6-month old already(!) and I'm the changing diaper expert now! So busy at work too, so no time for programming!

I learned that you release the Neo template for free. I then look at the JS code & found one of the answer to my unicode bug, how to get test decoded. Many Thanks.


BB said...


I want to translate your superb hack to Indoensian language, how should I do ? Or I just write the written " Courtesy of Hoctro" (with link to respective hacks of course ) or I need to do some more...

As you know, Indonesian internet user is now reach by 18 million ! And it's counting. Some of them must be blogger users, but only a few has a fancy one. And your help is needed badly.


Hoctro said...

Just retain the courtesy of is good.
I'll add a link to your blogs instruction to the article when you're all done.

I modify code a lot, so the link to the real code on my blog would help your readers to have latest information.

I just add the encoding function to step 1 today, so make sure you check to see if its readable on your language.



BB said...

Thanks a ton hoctro,

Will keep you linked :P

Warm Rgds

. said...

Just tried out this superb hack, but I can not up load the xml file by this reason :

The reference to entity "orderby" must end with the ';' delimiter.

I try to fix the "orderby' entity, just two of them and both are end with ";" already. What's going wrong hoctro ?

Hoctro said...


what do you mean by "upload"? Step 1 asks you to cut and paste the "core library" to the template, then save it. If you can save, everything is OK so far, if not, you might not paste to the right place.

Inside the library, indeed I have 2 lines containing the "orderby=published" parameter, and they are fine the way they are. If you attempt to add the ";" in the back of it, Google generates an error.

The command try to simulate this call:

for example, as you can see there shouldn't be any ";" in the back.

Please create a new blog and try again.

david said...

You and Ramani came up with a version of your Labels as tabs to be able to show inline/horizontal Links (ie as opposed to Labels)using Exploding Boy buttons.

I managed to put this on my site a few months back.But when I try to recreate it on another test blog i can't get it to work?
Yours/Hackosphere instructions on how to do this great hack seem to have disappeared?


Hoctro said...

I turn the post off by accident!

Here it is:

Herbert Wong said...

Great widget. Thanks. I wonder if it is difficult to change/adapt the tabsview that you have created a step further to have different subtabs within each tab header such as those here:*_Surfer?max-results=100
I love to have such a feature on my blog. Thanks. said...

Wow, Im impressed. This would be very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea!


*1729* said...

hey Hoctro the tab view widget displays only 25 posts per tab how to exceed the limit of 25 posts

*1729* said...

i'm really impressed with ur posts hoctro......i hav a problem regarding tabview widget please help me :
if we have more than 100 posts for a particular label it is taking lot of time to display d posts
so i want to display only latest posts of dat particular label n give a link as ">>more" for the remaining like in yahoo as shown below:
>>more news

please tell me how to achieve this

Nguyễn Hùng said...

Bác Hoctro phiên dịch bài viết vế TabView Widget sang tiếng Việt đi, đọc tiếng Anh tuy chuẩn nhưng rất khó hiểu.
Cám ơn bác!

がら said...

Cool Widget.
The method of mounting this Widget is translated into Japanese and it
introduces it by my blog.
Please say if it doesn't like the content of my article. The article is deleted.

criconlineadmin said...

hey hoctro,

how to create more tabs, and how do you change the feed? In my case, i want five tabs, each reading feeds of different labels.


Park City Wire said...


I am so grateful for your Hoctro's Place site. I am just learning to use Blogger (and well, HTML in a very basic way) and I used your instructions to add the Tab View Widget to my blogger site,

The Tab View Widget is showing up on my page but I have just a couple questions...

1) Only one tab is showing up. I'm pretty sure that you explain how to add more tabs within the code - but I read all the instructions a few times and still can't figure it out....How do I add additional tabs such as one to take the place of the "Important Links" element in my side bar??? and is it possible to create a tab titled "Featured Developments" which would show a list of developments with each item on the list linking to a separate page (i created pages on google page creator for featured developments and would like to link to them)?????.....

2) How can I change the color of the Tab View Widget to make it fit better with my blog's design?

3) Is it possible to make the Tab View Widget shorter? I think it would look better on my page if it didn't go so far down and took up a little less space.....

I'm sorry to bother you with what you probably perceive as silly questions. I'm really trying to learn more about working with HTML to customize my blog, and your site has been amazingly helpful. Any insight you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time spent reading my questions and responding to them (hopefully ;)

Have a great weekend!

Best Regards,

Stranger said...

hi thr,

I installed this widget as you hv written here. it works great.

but when i'm changing nPost=10 to 100
label just shows 25 post maximum. i tried to change that to different values but still maximum its shows just 25 post for each label.

so can you please help me out?
Plz let me know wht i need to do on

Thanx in advance.

neutron said...

hey Hoctro. pretty cool widget. really like it. i've actually spent a lot of time trying to mod it and make it look similar to what thephotofool did but with little to no luck. any suggestions?

Admin said...

Hi, I'm trying to customize this code but I still don't understand something. I think you should make some examples to help people like me :)

I'd like to create a tabview with recent posts and recent comments so I've edited first part of the script but it doesn't work.

Search parameters 1,2,4 are ok. But what about 3 and 5? What do you mean exactly with "start-index" and "returned function"?

I'm trying something like this to get recent posts:
('src', '')

Could you please help me?

Prasanth. R Krishna said...

dear I wnat to make my blogs just have to show few lines in the main page and then by clicking to continue to go for full reading. I heared there is some tipis in your blogs but I couldnot find it out please help me. I am leaving a samppe blog here