Adding a front page to your blog

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geeky gurl said...

Great! I've been searching for a tweak like this. Thanks a lot for sharing.

ICLfan said...


I dint get it! Do you mean to say that on my front page I can even put different things in my sidebar than normal blogger widget which are already showing on in my side bar?

KamusBahasa said...

thanx for the info
great article.
love ur blog horto
ur such a genius!

SafwanHMS said...

thanks for the info.. great post..
I have one question.. How to remove the post in homepage but show it on respective labels page..? Thanks in advance

Agung Saputra said...

Thanks Hoctro..
Your article very help me

toysfinder said...

thanks for the tips, it's really useful. I love ur blog

Boffill said...

thank you very much for this.. i have actually think of putting a widget on the top of the page before but my only problem is how to make it disappear on other pages.. now you have given me a solution.. thank you very much!!! i'll recommend you to my readers! Thanks! :)

3dogs said...

Hi Hoctro. Nice information. Question though, I downloaded this template:
While I had figured out a couple ways to default a home page, I could not think of any way to make the 'blog' link work (show the posts without showing the home page). Got any odeas?

No Incinerator said...

We've tried this several times, following your instructions to the letter but it just doesn't work i.e. the text just stays at the top of the same page.

Does it matter which template you use - ours is 'sand dollar?'

Our blog is at


Best wishes

Mr. magicball said...

Very interesting. But how can I do that for the entire blog as seen in your example. Only frontpage and this widget. No posts?

Holding It Together said...

Awesome! I had the page element at the top of the blog posts, but didn't realize you could have it stop showing up on the post pages. Thank you!!

Péha said...

Hi I used to have your Modified for 3-column layout, but deleted it by mistake and can't find it naymore on your site, could you please send it (or post it) back.


Kelly said...

Hi Hoctro
Good tips but seems like it doesn't work for me. I did like what u said but when i open my home page, my text is missing but in layout it still there.
What else should i add maybe?
Thanks in advance. Sorry for my poor english.

Robert Blunderguff said...

Hey, thanks Hoctoro!
it sounds great!

Only 1 problem i cant use it... when i try to put it on it comes up with this message

"Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Element type "b:if" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".

Please Help?!?!?


YA76OO said...

I'm (), I love this blog, It's very interesting

Anyway, It's nice to see your blog

God Bless you


Karthik said...

But how will you make sure that only the front page is shown? I mean the latest post will be shown below the widget right?