Related Posts Widget

Hi friend,

It's been a while since I post anything, and I aplogize for not timely answering your comments. With some of the latest "cool" features that Blooger are offering us for free, it's not much left I can see on customizing.

Just yesterday, I filled in the survey from Blogger, and my wish list is now down to one, is for it to have a decent Related Posts widget, one is fundamentally better than mine. I'm sure they can do it, but not sure why they are not offering one. You can help out by filling the survey and asking for the same, for them to have a built-in, decent working Related Posts widget.

In the mean time, a comment links to this series of posts, discussing my "pioneering" Related Posts at great length, and providing faster algorithms. I couldn't have loved it more, that my initial work is further developed.

Here is the link. I will study the code myself, and sure will learn a thing or two.

Best regards,